Hermes Healthcare Advisors


Hermes Healthcare Advisors is an independent private banking practice created to meet the changing industry's financial landscape by providing market-driven solutions and financial advisory services for Healthcare companies

Hermes HCA works with nonprofit and for profit health care service providers. We specialized in providing financing solutions for providers in distress or in need of recapitalization, restructuring or for “acquisitions”.

Our advisory services target retrofits (seismic), renovation and expansion of current facilities. Hermes HCA also specializes in providing project financing solutions for acquisition and construction of new facilities.

We are dedicated to bring sector focused guidance
providing facilities with:

- increased financial ratios
- improved balance sheet strength
- strengthened rating
- lowered interest costs
- improved non rated or poor credits
Hermes HCA is dedicated to creating solutions for clients with intellectual rigor and pragmatic innovation. We tailor ideas and leading edge strategic financial engineering and structuring to each client’s specific needs.

Our Commitment

"To provide financial resources and operational expertise to transform undervalued companies into growth organizations or turn around companies into solid operating companies."

Our strategies are designed to be conflict-free, sustainable, enhanced and facilitate successful approvals and transaction results.

Hermes CP does not distribute securities, conduct trading, or offer proprietary lending services.

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